Wednesday, February 10, 2010


hohoho, merry night :D

seriously, this will only be a short post. tehee

i went to my co-Q lesson today. i took modern music one with nadia & mila as our choice.
since my lovely rommate is one of the best player for clarinet, i decided to take up clarinet as my instrument! *clap clap*. but nadia & mila, wanted to play violin as they dont like to use ANY of the woodbrass instrument. i understand you girls :p

even, me myself pn geli. but, i know, ieda will teach me well. *biar ieda rse die bertanggungjawab for me to get an A for this subject. hahaha.*

on the way back, we chit chatting la. suddenly, mila reminds me of something. squidward! familiar? yaa, it is one of a character in spongebob squarepants cartoon series/movies. he plays clarinet jgkk! hohohoho

am i squidward to be? lets hope for not -__________-"

btw, i will be separating with the girls.
they will join class on tuesday, while i'm on wednesday.
memandangkn i will jalan sorg2, i cpt2 la crik gang tww!
finally, those pretty girls very baekkk.
& one of them ada car! :DD
yeayyy me!

the best part, mereka bg sy tumpang
ohh, thanks dearest.
if only u were reading this. haha

ular dengar pn lari T_____T

ok la,
very tired ryte now.

night people,