Monday, February 8, 2010


hello peeps :)

good morning to all. its now 8.15 am. dont be surprise because i manage to wake up early. hoho. *clap clap* :p

well, cela itu is a title of a song that i love to hear the most recently eventhough lagu itu sudaa lapuk. HEEE. i kn slalu takk updated.
my life has been really great for me. studies pn okay sgt! for now la :p
it turns out to be that i loving thermo la weyh! heheee.
i dont think the lecturer is attractive but he's cute! so nasi lemakk.
reservoir pn best, itpg pn boringgg but lecturer die sumpah baek! bodek bodek. HAHA
vector? x pnh msuk clss lg. not that i ponteng dearest! cikgu ad hal sokmo :)
co-Q starts this week.

its surely be a hectic week. yesterday i puasa nazar. sumpah, penat gle. cause my class starts at 10 till 6.30. rse mcm maww collapse sudaa. but, alhmdulillah i kuat :p *clap clap*

something embarrassing happen to me last night. surely dont want to tell it here. haha

k la, need to do some work.
i'm loving pnp! :DD

ezza shazana.