Friday, February 19, 2010


i am so into this field though i study engineering. maybe its already there in my gene :)

my mom likes the idea of business. in any way, she will try to do any kind of business yg halal of course to gain money & experience.
i starts to do my own business since i was a little girl.
i had a cactus selling in my previous primary school.
potpourri selling.
my artwork selling.
anything! :)
ibu ckp i ni x pemalu org nyer. mind me people? haha

i thk when i was like around 7 to 8 years old, mse tuu kat rumah indera mahkota. kecik je rumah nyer. but the tong sampah section got a pavi that i can dduk2 atas tuu :p
pastu, i ckp to ibu.
i want to do a business on that small pavi. HAHA
dh la atas tong sampah. kelakar gle.
guess what i sell?
i bwt a big mangkuk of pekat milo mcm chocolate gituu.
once your finger touch on that cold delicious milo thingy,
10 cent weyh! :p

so now, i plan to back onto the business thingy.
i need your support people!

premiere of *milky cocktails!*
will tell you guys more on it.

ezza's philosophy: follow your gut says.