Friday, January 8, 2010

you are what you eat

i like that qoute :)
fat & slim & cellulite are because of what u ate. actually, i totally dont have anything to talk. HAHA

ohh! there is one thing, i dont think i'll make my blog private because i got feedback from kak fadhe & izni not to do so. hehe. thanks kawan2 for reading my craps. i hope i got more stories to tell. :p

tomorrow, my family & i will be off to perak. its time for me to go back utp. MALAS! heh. i wish i can stay longer but at the same time, my feelings is half2. nk duk umah & nk balek utp. confirm laa busy balek utp nnt. hmm3.

besides, i am leaving something here in kuantan which i will miss the most aside my family. hope things will work out between us. aminn! :)

ezzzzzza :)

*do you know why i always overslept? it is bacause i got many "z" in my names. thanks to my parents :p