Thursday, January 28, 2010

roller coaster.

everyone has their ups & downs. for me, these past week really a down time.

21st January 2010;

my nenek of my mother side had passed away. thankful enough that i'm already home. along the way back to kajang, i didnt cry at all. i keep on talking with abah. finally reached nenek's house. malangnya, i didnt manage to see my arwah nenek dikebumikan. sama j mcm arwah datuk meninggal aritu... sekejap j penantian nenek utk bersama suami tersayang. i started to cry when i saw ibu. i hugged ibu softly in tears. actually, i rela go first before i lose anyone that i love. but everything in life is fated. believing in qada' & qadar is the best way to maintain our iman. arwah datuk & nenek selalu dalam kenangan. frankly say, i wont be here where i am now without them. semoga arwah ditempatkan bersama orang2 yg beriman. aminn. AL-FATIHAH.

lectures & classes dh start. somehow, my heart feels doesnt belong here. i have to force myself for everything. who could possibly be happy after a beloved away. i miss home so much lately.

forget about the sorrow, let me tell you about bloom :)

just bought myself a pot of flower kat tesco that day with someone. loving it so much! i know, dh 3 tumbuh-tumbuhan mati di tgn i. but not this one please.. because, i feel so much ease looking at it & i know we are sharing important thing in life which is oxygen & carbon dioxide :)
dying to see my bloomy? next post, i promise, i will put up some pretty pictures!

for now,
love you all, ezza.