Saturday, January 16, 2010

the red light.

i love to do blogwalking :)
but usually i done it in silence means that i do not comment or leave any footsteps upon any posts. i am a STALKER! hear me? STALKER. hahaha. x d la, just that, i easily get bored with anything hopefully not for my husband :p one dayy. hehe. sometimes, i feel so activated for facebook, sometimes rse mcm... malas nyer. dh boring. that is soo me.

things i never boring to do:

  • eat MENTOS but exceptional to mint flavour. sorry mint, u r not my type :p
  • eat.chocolates. chocolates. chocolates. my fav would be ANYTHING :)
  • x kn la semua pasal mkn ezza? -______________- 2 la pasal. i just never get bored with makan sahaja. is that the reason of my buncit ness that till now i cant never get rid off smpi skrg wont leave me slim shady?. every night. i mean like almost every night i do sits up but still... can anyone sponsor me to go to london weight management? :p buang lemak tak guna itu. heh
tengok! tengok! skang i dh bosan nk list kn the "things i never boring to do". HAHA

just return from jj ipoh. went out with my boys&babe :) thank you to all of u for the exciting day. eventhough my score for the wholly game was the worst one, i still love you guys! :) heheee.
bought myself a plastic of mentos & a pack of "break" cadbury.

ohh! lpe plak, td mse dinner, we played a game. which is call as, "saper untung dpt rezeki bykkk"
in english means "exchange gifts". so, everybody has to bought a present. so do i :) pastu, time dinner 2, kami pn maen cabut2 undi. cuba teka i dpt apa? :p


a transformers toy :)
thank you kepada pihak berwajib. tehheeee!

i still need to write right nowww. because, apparently, i dont have anybody to listen for the time being. of course la, talking craps. spe nk dgr. besides, i always in my swing mood. dammitttt. i think i have to do something with my life. where to begin? i just dont know. mybe i shud start with to be "telus" bak kata ibu. i may have my own secrets that i wish to tell but i cant. but deep inside it eats me by spoiling my everyday. shivering x tentu pasal. i am totally traumatized. but i dont want u to know. i'll keep it to myself. sorry for making thing worst. ezza mg mcm nie :(

hopefully, i can be a good ummah to Allah, good follower to Rasulullah & a great daughter my parents & family. suddenly, feels like nk balek rumah. T______________T
ibu& abah....i wish i can always put smiles on ur faces.

i just want to be fine. like before. where do i starts?

maybe, i should find myself first. jaga diri, jaga maruah keluarga & be good.

the lost person,