Tuesday, January 5, 2010

my surprise not yours!

okayy! waiting days & days & days. [ it is suppose to be a surprise for me but i ruin the surprise. haha] honestly, i dont know what is he was planning to give me. finally, the-day-surprise-came! its today :) tuesday. 05.01.2010 at 1.38 pm. how do i really know the details? it is surely because, i wasnt there when the parcel arrived at home. so, the poslaju person leave me a "sorry note". heheee. excited gle nk amek. so, at four rushed out kuar pg poslaju :)

sampai2, "sory dik, lori lmbt today. can u pick it up after 5". i went like "okayyy". hmm... amek adik2 balek from skola. mcm mne nk bazir kn mse nie?? haihhh. "adik2, jom pg pantai! yeayyy!"
so berjalan2 la di pantai. less money kuar, dpt kurus kn bdn jln2 crik ketam :D

5.30 pm! i rushed & sorong2 adik2 pg poslaju. fuhhh! thanks god sempat! :D
smpi di rumah, excited gle nk bkk!

& i got this!

bkk2, dgn rakus. & i got this!

ohh.. sungguh thank you :)
for your hardship
i loooove it dear!

will sleep on candies tonight!
ezza shazana
HIM :)

love, love,love,love,love :)