Friday, January 1, 2010


is there any chance in this wide whole world, of having a relationship that is easy to maintain? okayy, before i go further, this is the third post for today. ohh, i dont know. so much in my head that need to go out. i hate burdening my own thought. well, what happen to me? nothing much. maybe i need someone who can understand me better. that dont go on moody if i into that factor too. i am not saying about love towards just someone, but it was hoping to happen to all people around me especially family & friends.

*sometimes i pray i were in utp ryte now. no offence anyone. i am not talking about u. i am talking about myself. maybe i need some time to chillax & have a peace mind.

*hoping ibu will allow me going out tomorrow. heheeee. love you mommy! :)