Friday, January 29, 2010

long post.

as stated. this will be a long post! okayy? back off if u dont want to read. HAHA

nk tgk my pic in kampung?
bukan la kmpung sgt tp. i just nk knl kn u all with my rockyy cousins :)

well, kami semua ada 25-4 = 21 :)
ini sket j baru. heheee
mne2 berkenan bley la bgtww ye :p

nk tengok who has come to visit me in kl?

that is my heart :) he came all the way from kertih to kl just for me. he knew how much i need him at that very moment. thanks baby!

next, nk tgk my bloomy? :D

tadaaaa! itu la my bloomyy dear :)
grow bigger please.. & produce me more beautiful flowers tww!


td sy & the gang ke ipoh babyy! :D
lama gila kot x jln mcm nk patah kaki with them. we went from jj to parade. best gle shopping. satisfied tahap gaban. need more of this! pagi td, kawan2 ajk pg jogging. tp sy ad meeting. alhamdulillah dpt escape :p
as a results, sy still berlemak T_____T. bantu saya anyone? heheee

btw, ni pictures kami di sana td :)

i have to walk with this T________T

driver kami! cik wannie :)