Tuesday, January 19, 2010

i like

  • when people like me
  • when you say i am the best :p
  • when people smile at me.
  • when u think i am cool & sporting. ehem! ehem!
  • when you say i have taste which only seldom people believe i have taste for fashions T____T
  • when i have someone to talk craps
  • when u make me laugh
  • when u say, " ezza, cute la u! :p" okayy fine. perasan
  • when u talk something that me feel better
  • to have this blog
  • to go to classes! HAHA
  • to go on vacation.. bandung! oh bandung!
  • to find my free time to spend with family & friends & you!
  • when you take my jokes seriously :p
  • to sing. walaupun suara x sedap -____-"
  • to play guitar.
  • to write. that is the main purpose of i'm having this blogggyyy :)
  • to score high & play well
  • to feel like i am important
  • to have someone to rely on especially friends.
  • to jog? HAHAHA. tipu sunat :p
  • to cry when i'm pressure & depressed & tension & mental down
  • to keep things to myself. very hard to tell people. sorry, this is just me.
  • when people understand me & dont force me to do things i dislike.
  • when ibu kejut pagi2, "ica, nnt buang smph ye. jgn tido j!" -_______-"
  • when my parents took the family out for dinner
  • to spend time with my siblings at the beach
  • when abah always remind me of how hard life can be to one.
  • to stay healthy for the rest of my life.
  • to be cool & cooler each day!
  • my life right now.
  • my religion which is islam
  • when i prayed each solat time.
  • when i read Al-Quran. i cannot explain how relief i am each time i recite it
  • when khatam the Quran :)
  • growing up in "sederhana"
  • to thank you all for reading this.

i like to be petroleum engineering student!

p/s: going to be home soon. heheeee