Friday, January 15, 2010

fine :)

2nd post for today. hopefully i can sleep well tonight :)

i dont know what i am really want to talk right now. but still.. my desire to write wont stop. teheee! mind me people? :)

i dont know. all of a sudden, i feel like very grown up. feeling near to 20 of ages is an adventure for me. getting matured, is totally a bonus. hoping that with the great 20 years of my life, i am worth living on this earth where Allah creates & decides me to be.

i am not really at ease right now. ibu is in kajang taking care of nenek. my nenek was planned to operate days ago. but due to heart something problem, she was set to go 2 operations. pity her. i pray & pray that everything will turn out fine. & i really hope, those who think that nenek had look after you for many many many years, please dont count days to look for her. if only i were there.. i miss my nenek. very much.

regarding my work. not so fine. daily for weekdays, i have to wake up early in the morning & go to bed early. tonnes of works to do. doesnt mean i'm in my room, i did not do my work :)
i planned everything for myself & i cannot bare people change it. i know it is one of my bad habit. trying to get rid of it. fuhhh! some complication happened, but u know what? i handle it quite well. better than before :p

to tell you a BIG secret of mine,
i cannot handle things under pressure eventhough i always pressured myself. HAHA.

miss my family so much right now.
mom & dad, huggssss & kissessss! :)
goodnight people.