Friday, January 15, 2010

cupcakes :)

i really really really want to eat cupcakes. i mean the one you get to sit with your love ones & share the pieces of mini tiny cupcakes with love & flowery decoration. *melting* i am dying to do so. for that, this coming 13.03.2010, insya Allah, i'll be celebrating our 1 year anniversary :) hehe. x sngke lgsg it was almost a year we have been together. through hard waves & constraints that you cant ever imagine. biasa la, muda-muda. people always call as "cinta monyet" not that we are in love with monkeys but that u know larh animals or only monkeys, they dont stick one. i guess :p

one year of meaningful moments :) he knows that i really wanted to celebrate it with cupcakes as i have mention it to him about tonnes of times :p nsib baek die phm2. HAHA. going to order soon :) want a bite? yeaahhh, sure! 1 for rm4. hehehe.

i never reveal "him" in my blog. probably those who have my fb already knew him :)

he is simple & sexy! awwww.
he is down to earth & sporting :)
he is a loving & caring person!
he is one of a kind.

thank you for being a part of me.
currently, missing you, as u far far far from my eyes yet close to my heart :)