Tuesday, January 12, 2010

can you keep secrets?

from pick & post -jokes :)

Can you keep secrets? Here's a little psychological test.
Try it; it's quite accurate...

Imagine you are in an enclosed room. There's a bomb in the center of room. In 30 seconds... The bomb will bombard...

You have 4 places (guarantee safe!) to choose to hide.

Which choice will you make?
1. Behind the television set or?
2. Behind an office chair or?
3. Under the blanket, lying on the bed or?
4. In the wardrobe?

(Thinking In Process?)

If you choose?
1. Behind the television set:
Just like this media. You are best at 'transmitting' such 'headlines'. So.
You think you can keep secret?

2 . Behind an office chair:
Actually, you can be trust with secrets? But once someone tries to 'buy' your secret ? or someone with a higher rank threatens you? You will leak the unknown? (Don't tell anyone if you choose this one.)

3. Under the blanket, lying on the bed:
Friends can trust you with their secrets? But still, you will tell someone close to you. Most probably you will tell your parents, siblings, or husband or wife. (You have the responsibility to make sure they will not "spread" the secrets!)

4. In the wardrobe:
Secrets are 100% safe with you! Anyone can trust you with his or her secrets. You will never leak a single word! But make sure, you do not betray their trust in you!

i pick wardrobe. i am a really good secret keeper. tell me you secrets sayang :p