Saturday, January 2, 2010

all i want is you.

& i get u :)

ya Allah, thank you! thank you for opened ibu & abah's heart to accept him into my life. nothing more i can say, other than, "alhamdulillah" :)
for me, this is the moment where my BIG life begins. & hoping this will never has to end. what happen to me today, is the most outrageous thing that i could think about.

well, it all went happens when ibu said, "fine, invite him to our home. ibu nak kenal."

i ran into my room & start calling like thousands time to his phone. my happiness turns into marah mood plak. hehe. & u have to accept the consequences. hahaha. when he called me back, i was screaming like hell. hahaha. geram sgt! rupa-rupa nya pg mndi :p *ampun!*

so, he came to my house. x abes2 msg, takut-takut-takut. for sure la kn? klaw jmp parents org takut. i mean the one that u love :p

but for me, for him to say yes, is already brave enough :)
thank you!

sesampai nya, die pg solat di surau dlu. nk tenang kn hati kata nya. hik3.
fine, i waited for him at home. well, anxiuosly! sumpah cuak. heeeee
abah couldnt make way back home, cz ad byk appointment. so, ibu je la ada :)
besides, abah dh pnh jmp die dlu. so okayy la.

sampai2, berkenalan la :)
then the "private conversation" going on which i think i dont need to tell you guys! :p
then, ibu let us go out on a date! yeayyy! finally. fuhhh.
thanks ibu.

the next thing, we went to megamall :)
eat-eat, went for bowl *i won*, & shopping for my family. he insists. *how nice! heheeee*
smiling to the top baby! :D

so, that all.
what an exciting day i've goin through.

mrs S :)