Sunday, December 27, 2009

yeayyy baby!

okayy! this is important. i when to kl yesterday, back to nenek's house. hmm.. nenek doesnt look any good. she was really happy to meet s one fmly as we seldomly go back to her home. what to do, distance, work & stuffs, dh ajak nenek balek umah kat kuantan, but she refuse. hmm... nenek, i know u will never read this post.. but know that, we always love u & please take care :)

before heading back to kajang, we when for shop first. hehe. to times square & alamanda. shop2 a bit. a pair of marie claire wedges, three nichii tops, & white whole jacket! haha. fuhh, finally dapat shopping. tehee!

on the way balek plak, singgah umah tok kat temerloh. mkn ikan patin & pucuk ubi masak tempoyak. best nyer this two days. short yet we went for a huge adventure :)

ingt nk upload some picture, but, malas la. haha.

later then,
miss e .