Friday, December 18, 2009

want more!

hello hello.

this post will talking crappiest thing on earth. so, if u think u cant bare with it, do stop reading now. haha. no la, i was joking. actually, me myself pn x tw nk merepek ap ni. any suggestion?

okayy, why not kte start what i have i done this one whole day? well, i played my sayang [guitar] back! prrggghhhh! mantap woo. dh rusty gle kot, nsb baek otak ni bley catch up balek :) tehee.. what song? kau ilham ku sje. i wish i cn upload u guys a video time i maen guitar. somehow, my hp & lappy pny bluetooth xnk kwn with each other. heh! next k babes :)

next, kuar jln kat ecm td. doing nothing much. balek? solat & then tdo sket. haha. now, dduk depan lappy thinking what to post on my blog :p

i really:
want to go out with my friends!
want to catch up with my old old old friends
want to know my results by now! [not that i am excited, but i takut]
want to show off to u guys that i baked tart nenas yesterday! HAHA
want to finish my holidays to the fullest! :D

basically thats all for now. will update later.

ezza banks :)
are you bankable enough?