Sunday, December 6, 2009

say cheese!

hello peeps! :)

fuhh! so much to blogging today. ready? here we go! i am just back from brunei. yeayy! 2 days ago and now only i got the mood to blog. sorry! i went there for like 6 days. 30th nov till 4th dec. upon our arrival, the penyinar & basmida group have already waited us at the airport! how nice.. huhuhu. naek bus, went to the apartment and dinner for a while :) ohh btw, this post will not be telling about shopping and currency. because both factors make me a lil bit suffered. hahaha. sepanjang kat sne, we just headed to many places such as masjid2 mewah, kampung air, museum and stuffs! totally amazed me. for some reasons, i will never ever forget the moments that we have endured back there :) ohh lg 1! the people kat sne!! very nice, nice, nice! baek sgt~ we did make new friends. cant mention it all right here. because there are alot. but mostly are from penyinar & basmida! wuhuuu.

actually, i really think pictures will do more than talking. so, here are some photos there. :) to see more, u are welcome to view my fb, :)

haha. i am very bad in linking and it stuff! sorry folks.

random pictures!