Thursday, December 10, 2009


u are so pathetic ezza shazana. bloggie, u know what.. lately, i have been the secretive person ever. to everyone. yaa... even for the closed ones or fmly. i dont know.. maybe things were not in place. & my heart is not really at ease even i thought it was? is it? i wonder... people go like, u can tell me anything... dont be secretive, one day we'll know. oh my... i dont really feel good telling people. because, i sense that, none a human being can be a good secret keeper. yaa... NONE. sometimes we should just bare things to ourselves. i know i have hurt many people lately, but sometimes, i need them to understand me too. i am not a feelingless person.

& i really hope, to people who concern about me, please..

give me sometimes to digest things & & & u dont know how much i pray for good things to happen.

ezza shazana.