Thursday, December 10, 2009

my yellow man :)

hahaha. do you know why the title for this post is quite dramatic? u will see soon. yup, soon enough! :) bloggie, bloggie, i miss you larh. do u miss me? :p *jeling, jeling sket* hehee

okayy, stop the crap here & there. let start to talk on something. well, holidays have been so much kind to me these days. go out for shopping a bit, walk along the beach for a while & breathe wildly. *inhale & exhale happen* XD

guess what? just bought a new top for myself & a sunglass too. not that branded, but worth my money. MNG btw, hahaha. i feel so much kurus la lately.. why m i this perasan? but its true la weyh! like seriously, ;) maybe because i had realize the importance of being fit. aftr all, i did not have any chance to exercise. not by any chance that i dont try to find. hahaha. i am kurus because my digestion system & health is well balance. alhmdllh.

ohh! before i forgot, babe!! hamidah homaili!! my besties like forever!! happy birthday sayang! :)
you know how much u mean to me. miss & love u alot! mwarrhhhh! xoxoxo. hopefully, u will enjoy ur bfdy today sayang. :) sorry that i dont pick up ur call, i know they are for free, but, i think u better talk to someone who deserve. ;p maw present? balek utp nnt i bg u kay darling! :)

back to me. hahaha. this weekend i will b leaving kuantan for johor :) maw hntr along pulang to utm, skudai. yes, she already got her results. like superb! 4 flat!! ohh my.. this will be tough for me. for sure la i have to lawan her pointer. what ever it is, i am really really really proud of u :)

kay la, nk kluar maen badminton with the little two.

miss e.