Sunday, December 20, 2009

meeting once in a blue moon!

sayaanggg! i'm back for a real story. haha. well, i am very happy today. finally, a day out with friends! :) yeayyy me! well, thanks to atul actually who planned everything. thanks sayang! & & rohaizad for being our one day driver & photographer. eventhough the quality is doubted, but okay okay la kn? haha. thanks again!

the schedule that we plan on the spot;
kluar rumah.

naek keta.

smpi ecm, cll atul. "where are you girl?"

amek tcket avatar! :D waiting for atul [smbil get myself kfc]
berjumpa & hugging session *auwwwwwwwwww
msuk wayang.
tgk avatar dgn penuh kusyuk.
i love the story so much! & i know u guys will love it too!

kuar wayang, solat & pg tc!
rohaizad x dpt join cz die nk pg maen futsal.
so, there left only me & atul alone dating :p i like!

taking pictures, cite2 a bit, gossip2 a much, kissing2 a more. haha. [part kissing, i lied! :p] solat, then rohaizad amek.
send atul back to bukit kuantan. first time nie tww! :D
nice greeting, family atul! x sngke afiq lg tggi dr atul. ahaha

balek umah! :D
mkn udang galah. solat & stuff. onlining :)

well, thats a wrap man. i am so tired ryte now.
thanks a lot to my parents for their kesabaran & friends for their time & saliva. HAHA

love, miss ezza shazana :)
**will upload the pictures soon! promise.