Thursday, December 31, 2009

jaga hati

i did not start my day with smile on the 1st january 2010. because i woke up late, & my parents marah la. hik3. mne x bgn lmbt, i slept at 4 last night. not that i am doing something. but then, i just cant sleep. pusing kanan & kiri pn x bley tdo jgk. what to do?

jaga hati? fine if u think i am the way that u dont like but u shouldnt thought that i am the kind of person that u even know me for days. i never intend to be like so cute or what in my pictures. i also do have my ugly fugly pics. i never ask u to overview all my pictures & take note that i am in it. fine.. if u take it as a joke, i am okayy with it. as long as u know the game limit. i am a girl & do have high sensitivity. i NEVER ask u to say i am funny, i am cute or what so ever. i rarely get mad & write things on my blog. maybe because i need someone to share this because it get me really upset.

u know what? people always go like, dont be fooled by other people. but the people that saying those things also did the same thing to u. how can u interprete that? i dont want to talk much on that. but today, i do feel the emptiness.

the same old miss e.