Sunday, December 13, 2009


hello & salam peeps :)

here i am, blogging again. maybe i need to share it with someone & it happens that only bloggie deserve to know. *padahal u guys pn tw kn? haha*
well, things are over now. no more looking back. marching forward! :) maybe this is for the betterment. i wish i can turn back time & live like i am dying so that i will appreciate life more. for some reasons, i am glad this is over. for all pihak. even for him. suffering is not an option of life. & i dont wish anyone around me to suffer.

ya Allah, aku memohon kepadaMU agar semua yang terjadi ada hikmah & kebaikan di sebalik nya. aku mengharap kan kemaafan & keampunan MU ya Allah, semoga aku berada di jalan yang benar.

will be blogging soon.

very pain inside, but still faking a smile,
miss e :)