Thursday, December 31, 2009


hello dearest!

lets take a moment & reminisce
what so ever that we have went through for 2009. 2009 has been a wonderful year for me. 2009 is the year where i really think i have grown up to be someone. not that i never be someone before. haha. i mean matured sayang. lets see what hve i achieved in 2009 before i can make a new resolution for 2010 :)
  • good pointer. well, for the first half not so. lets hoping for the second half will be good. HAHA.
  • saving more money? maybe.
  • be a good girl, checked!
  • lose some weight? perhaps. heheeee.
  • study hard enough? hmm.. maybe smart. checked!
  • stop copying others assignment? checked! checked! checked! HAHA. believe me :p
  • make new friends & keep up friendships? hope i have done that too & will continue doing that.
  • lose & found new love but i wonder where it is heading to.
  • datuk meninggal dunia. the first time in my life losing some one that i truly love. al-fatihah.
  • spend quality time with family & friends? hopefully :)
  • went to brunei. my first time going abroad. great moment!
  • playing guitar balik. yeahhh!
  • live a happy life? yes, of course!
leaving 2009, welcome 2010 :)

before i ended my beautiful post today. i wanted to apologize to all if i have done anything wrong to u guys.

miss e saying "twenty ten baby!"