Saturday, November 14, 2009

so fine.

not so fine actually. so much to write but yet... satu pn x terkeluar. recently ni slalu gaduh~ maybe i became more sensitive. :( yelaa... with exams & stuffs. a week more for statics&dynamics. should i be home? abah said balek la. bley relax dlu but then i know, klaw kat umah msti x bkk bku pny la. adoi -_______- let me think for it about another while. now duet i, dh sgt darurat. hopefully ibu msuk kn duet on monday. insya Allah.

talking about exams.. selalu rse nk menangis :( why larh i x mcm dlu... why cant i score even more. not that i x happy with what ever i got now... but still... i want more. just more. wish for DL again. i wanted to start my undergrad with a spectacular pointer. but now, i have to think about it deeply. two more paper to go for a recover of my results whatever i got now. alhmdllh, my cw is better from my friends but only a slight. see! i want more :( abah&ibu, sory if i still cant perform this sem. sumpah, ica berusaha. what i can do now is tawakal sje. hope everything is worthful. now, my target is to score my statics&dynamics to the fullest. ok, enough about studies. pening!

yesterday, got to go for ipoh with friends! sgt best. we went for movie, bowls & karaoke! hehe. eventually, now all i get is empty pocket. HAHA. x p la, after all i have fun! :D tgk pisau cukur smlm. oh my dior! HAHAA. quite ok la. "faqir is soo cute!". for real, we dont have to b a pisau ckur to be wealthy or happy. :) for me, what i have now is more beautiful & precious more can money can buy. :) goin to make my own money! yeayyy!

ok la, feeling much better now. need to go for some studying session plak. hehe.

miss e.