Tuesday, November 10, 2009


selamat pagi

good morning

so basically, good morning to all! hope it will be a good day for everyone! yeehaaa! today, i have plan to study on AW. go ezza! go! :D sblm study, blogging la jp. hehehe. i dont think ibu & abah will marah sb blogging. kan ibu & abah kn? :p 2 days ago & till now, sedang addict with this one blog!

it is about 2 little buddies named lardee & ickle. the most wonderful thing is that, they are both a teeth! haha. comel gle nmpk mcm stick motion. very nice pics & bla bla bla. see it for urself.

let me preview some pics that u might see through reading the blog:

miss e.