Saturday, November 7, 2009

izzaty arina.

happy birthday dearest along :)

izzaty arina binti mohd. shabarudin

21 years old officially on 7th Eleven 2009

although we always fight for nothing, cekik2, sepak2, tumbuk2. HAHA. over la 2.
but i will always love u
even though u are:

  • manja
  • kuat marah
  • kuat membebel
  • mengada
  • hot tempered
  • suka conquer broadband. HAHA
  • suka ckp mcm amir & mirul. erhh!
  • x suka simpan secret ;p

on top of all:

  • u are so kind *which is really3 sometimes*
  • u are so cute -_____-
  • u are smart & perfectionist
  • u are the best sister that i will ever had. which i am suppose to be anak tunggal. HAHA.
  • dont ask me to buy u a present. yeayy me!
  • i will always love you more than fifi would loves u :)

so! happy getting older sis!

missing you.