Sunday, November 8, 2009


IRC? x tw? hmm... mls la nk terang kn. HAHA. its a library in UTP :p

i went irc tgh hari td. manage to do 4 questions DE only. wahahaha. the best thing is that, belajar la of course, the second thing is that i got to spend time with him. not more than 2 weeks time, he will be goin for like a sem away from me. haiihhh... what to do. u r just to old. HAHA. no la, actually he will be going for his intenship program. ehem, ehem.. dekat kuantan. kuantan? sound familiar right? my hometown larh! :D for that reason, ibu & abah, smbut la anak mu pulang like every weekend. HAHAHA.

got loads of work to do. studies & pgc. hope that it all went on smoothly! hope so.

btw, hmm... x d ap2 la. next time, next time. very hungry right now. shut up & go eat some foods! -_____-".

miss e.