Wednesday, November 25, 2009

home :)

salam and hello :)

blogging from my own crib. yeahhh, finally. 2 days ago, i drove all the way from utp to kuantan by myself. yup, alone :) right after paper IMSE ends, i have to rush back to my hostel to pack things up. fyi, there is not a single thing yg i dh kemas. hahhahaa. alhmdllh, selamat bertolak at 2.30 pm. heeee. spnjg jln, ok sje. :)

hmm.. only 3 days after he went back home. i already feel like so mad missing him. 8 months period? ohh... it is just hard for me to adapt without him by my side. i need to be strong, like he always said to me. wish he is the one for me. :) if u read this, ilyNONO. hik3

oh btw, i am going to brunei. what did i said? i am going to brunei. yeahhhh!! :D very3 excited. nak apa2 x? bley la kirim ye. but not more than 1 kg everyone. because limit die just 15 kg. :P and of kos, my stuffs will be occupying the other 14 kg. wahahaha.

k la, maw rehat smbil menonton. heee.

miss you, yes u! :)

miss e.