Friday, November 13, 2009


suppose this week is going to be a study week for me since the gap between DE with statics&dynamics agk jauh, but it turns out to be saya-sangat-pemalas. for this few days, i got really tension with studies & some financial problem. so far, i wont request money from my parents. in contrast, i have started my own business on honey flakes. actually, i wanted to name it just "honey flakes" because it is a flakes with honey! haha. i like simplicity. but people always make it complicted :( even "the one" suppose to discover more about me more than anyone else. haiihhhh. abai kan seketika, teringat kat DE exam td. double haiihhhhh! susaa. but i dont cry to ibu dh. maybe because i thought i can rely on someone else without burdening ibu. but maybe in return, that someone cant really help me on that. HAHA. help urself la eza! :D

bloggie, know what, i sedih laa... hmm3. i know that i can always tell u anything. :( only u kot yg can bare with me. i understand.. x semua dpt memahami diri sendri or org laen perfectly. i admit it myself. tapi..hmm. x d ap2 la. i notice the dark side of me, when i got really upset or sgt3 marah, i tend to hurt others feelings' u knw la mcm awk-tmpt-lepas-geram sy thingy. haiihhhh.. what i can say nw, please bare with me. please..

ibu & abah... ica rse rindu sgt right now. know that i always love you guys. *tears drop*

want to be home. with someone who truly love me & understand me well from the baby ages. :(

so tired right now, but still cant sleep. maybe sb things x settle kn. hope u sleep well. k la, goin to blogwalking a little and then having a good near subuh sleep.

miss e.