Friday, October 30, 2009

oppsssyy you.


ish, assalamualaikum :)

well, welcome to a zone where you have to be you & i, being myself. i don't provoke hypocrisy in this blog, thank you. shall i change the 'blog' to something else? naaahhhh, later maybe. stop the crap thingy.

short intro, enjoy! XD
the name: ezza shazana
the age:
nineteen approaching twenty.
the university:
UTP the hometown: kuantan, pahang.
the parents:mohd. shabarudin & rohkizah
the loveliest siblings:
arina, lydia, amirul & amir
the love ones:
the babes:
ieda, mila, nadia, midah, noni, yasmin, atul, fatin, etol, wani, pika, sireen, housemates, roomates, schoolmates, coursemates and etc.
the UK's besties: izni and yah

ibu&abah :)

my love.

the hotty and the naughty yaw!